Why Learn Ruqyah?

Too many Ruqyah opinions out there? Want to learn the basics in a structured manner first?

We hear you! We’ve designed the Ruqyah Apprenticeship in 3 easily digestible levels. In all 3 levels, you will work through the theory and the coinciding supervised Ruqyah practical sessions. This way, after each level you can make the decision whether you want to advance to the next level or not.

Ruqyah is an art, so each Raqi will have his or her own technique that they will develop themselves. This course is designed to present to you many various techniques for you to try out and act as a foundation point for you to gradually develop your own techniques.

Tired of attending 1 or 2 day seminars on Ruqyah and then expected to be able to practice?

I’m personally supporting you in your development. This is the importance of regular face-to-face support. You’ll have time to understand the theory in between classes. The regular assignments given to you will now only allow you to develop your understanding but also give you time to practice Ruqyah in between classes and receive regular feedback on your findings.

This apprenticeship format is the way forward. Long gone are the days of boring conferences which only feed on your emotions. After those type of conferences you’re back at square one and all you would’ve gained are some printed documents that’s piled up in the corner of one of the rooms at home (along with other stuff you wanted to learn but never did as there was no real ongoing support).

I’m here to give you the support you need to develop your skills.

Got some serious problems? Can’t keep calling a Raqi?

Of course a competent Raqi expedites your healing, however for serious problems, you can’t really depend too much on the availability of a Raqi. So this course is committed to supporting you in becoming that Raqi. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain from performing Ruqyah on others gives you great insight on how to treat yourself effectively.

Perfect for Hijama Therapists

Are you a Hijama therapist and get nervous when your client starts to react in a Hijama session? Level 1 helps prepare you enough to already know how to diagnose your client and gives you some basic Ruqyah experience on dealing with the matter before escalating to a more experienced Raqi.

Of course, by completing all 3 levels, you’ll be much more confident and capable in dealing with unseen problems in your Hijama sessions.