Contrast to popular belief, performing effective Ruqyah does not just consist of the 1-2 hours you spend reading Qur’an on a person and speaking to Jinn.

The weekend workshop or “how-to” guides on performing Ruqyah will only take you up to sub-standard levels of Ruqyah; a direct output of the grossly one-sided viewpoint widely available today. This lack of understanding the intricate constituents of Ruqyah is what leads to self-indoctrination and incompetence.

I’m seeking apprentices who are capable of scrutinizing the current perception of Ruqyah in order to understand, elaborate and enter the actual world of Ruqyah. This ever-evolving objective will be testing to the intelligence and the spiritual conditioning of the apprentice and will ignite friction against the perception of the world, as understood by the laymen.

I will pass on unwritten knowledge to you, but more crucially I will assist you in enhancing the condition of your major spiritual organs (Ruh, Aql, Qalb, Warith and Sirr) in order to allow you to develop your own personal Ruqyah tools and hence play a pivotal role in expanding the discipline.

Mastering the below 17 modules will allow you to surpass the level of most people who practice Ruqyah in the UK today:

  1. Discovering Ruqyah
  2. Ruqyah Power
  3. Types of Evil and the Effects
  4. Initial Diagnosis
  5. Self Protection & Self Cleansing
  6. Evil Possession
  7. Raqi Intuition & Development of Intuition
  8. Can Ruqyah Alter Predestined Fate?
  9. Ruqyah & Physical Anatomy
  10. Mental Health vs Ruqyah
  11. Dangerous Techniques
  12. Analysing Patient Reaction
  13. Ruqyah Combinations & Breaking through Layers
  14. Expediting Exit
  15. Visual Ruqyah & Visual Techniques
  16. Amplifying Effect via Hijama and Other Techniques
  17. Best Practice & Safety Precautions

After completing these 17 modules successfully, I will be eager to engage with you the real reason why I offer these apprenticeships in the first place; Higher Ruqiyah.

I’m interested in your commitment, therefore to reside in or near Sheffield will be advantageous although not absolutely necessary. If you’d like to become a Ruqyah Apprentice, please email me to request an application form. Upon successful application, I will conduct an interview with you. Upon a successful interview, we will begin our work.

Each applicant will be considered by me and this scheme is open until I die or I become incapable of teaching. There are currently no fees to join the apprenticeship program.


Suhaib Hamidi / 07872 451961