About IAR

The International Academy of Ruqyah was founded in 2017 in order to enhance the field of Ruqyah.

In recent decades, Ruqyah has become more known and utilized across the world however the research and development needed to position Ruqyah as a credible therapy has not yet begun. Due to this, the field is still perceived by the mass as a dogmatic practice incapable of producing health benefits that surpass conventional medicine. This lack of continual research and development also prohibits the sufficient training of new and effective Ruqyah practitioners.

Through R&D, an Apprenticeship Program, and a steadily growing committee of like-minded people, the International Academy of Ruqyah seeks to counter-act any negative understandings of Ruqyah, provide reliable and accurate information about Ruqyah, provide new and effective techniques of healing for a growing number of ailments, and to ultimately provide an ever-evolving therapy that continuously seeks to improve the health and well being of people throughout the globe.

The founder of IAR, Suhaib Hamidi is based in Sheffield, has been practicing Ruqyah since 2009 and offers treatment throughout the UK. He has also been trained in spiritual cleansing from Malaysia (2013). He has been practicing Hijama since 2011, trained by HPA (Malaysia) and qualified as CHP (Certified Hijama Practitioner) in 2012 via the training institute Hijama Nation (UK).

Previously, Suhaib held positions in several organisations including Sheffield Hallam University Islamic Society (President 2003/4) and Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (Secretary of Religious Bureau 2003/4). Throughout his university years, he regularly delivered the sermon for Friday Prayers at the university.

He holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies (2005) from Sheffield Hallam University and a Diploma in Psychotherapy (2011). He also has over 9 years of experience in Project Management and currently works in IT Delivery Management.