6. Takfirism and Shirk: 2 Sides of the Same Coin

Takfirism has become common practice in the 21st Century.

The strange thing is that many ‘leaders’ in the field of Ruqyah are quick to practice Takfirism. This desire emanates from the deep-rooted arrogance that has not been eradicated prior to practising Ruqyah.

To make Takfir, is to declare that someone is non-Muslim.

Of course, how a human being can be so sure of what another human being believes to the extent that he is confident that that person is going to hell or heaven is questionable. However, the main concern remains; what business is it of anyone to have the right to declare if someone else is Muslim or non-Muslim?

The fact is that to declare someone Muslim or non-Muslim, by default, means you are judging if someone is going to enter Heaven or Hell. Surely, this judgement is only for Allah (SWT) to make. Surely, Allah is Al-Hakam (The Judge).

For those keen on making Takfir, are they so confident that they will enter Heaven such that they now share Allah’s powers to define the inhabitants of Hellfire? Surely that is Shirk (associating partners with Allah) and is a high crime in the eyes of God.

Takfirism in the field of Ruqyah is widespread.

Gone are the times taught by the Prophet (SAW) to continuously improve yourself and to help others using wisdom.

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,The word of wisdom is the lost property of the believer. Wherever he finds it, he is most deserving of it.”[Tirmidhi]

Rather, what’s happened is that the Takfiri mentality has given birth to a cult-like mentality that is keen to point out the faults of others, assuming they can share the authority of Allah to declare what is right and wrong to the extent that they will confidently pass judgement on a person, assuming it is their role to pass the judgement and hence associating themselves to Allah as being part of Al-Hakam.

Possessing a Takfiri mentality results in you believing your opinion is the only correct opinion and everyone else is incorrect and deviant. This type of mentality is in contrast to Muhammad’s (SAW) teaching that accepts difference of opinion. The Takfiris therefore by definition assume they are higher than Muhammad (SAW) and go against Muhammad’s teachings to accept Ikhtilaf.

For example, some Takfiri Raqis make explicit claims that if someone asks for the mother’s name in Ruqyah, then he is definitely a magician, and since he’s a magician then he’s definately a non-Muslim. In fact, it is common in their youtube videos and in their forums to the extent that they even list traits of a magician.

I have asked people for their mother’s name in a Ruqyah session. In fact, I’ve done this many times and have no problem asking this question. Most of the times I ask this is because the mother doesn’t speak English so I ask their children so that I can be specific in my Du’a to Allah for their mother. Other occasions are when the mother is in a state of possession. I wanted to wake her up by calling her name so I asked the children, “what’s your mother’s name?” However, according to the Takfiri Raqis, I am now definitely a magician solely due to this question. This is the absurdity of the Takfiri mentality; when they’re not busy declaring other people Kafir, then they’re busy making blanket statements to pass judgement on other people. What gives the Takfiris the right to claim they are also part of Al-Hakam and judge other people?

There are a few types of people I will never teach. The arrogant. The egotistical. And the argumentative.

Arrogance is like Iblees. He was arrogant. He was egotistical. He was argumentative. You don’t learn when you have these traits. You need to be humble and then you need to be humbled.