5. Obsession of the Jinn

There is a common opinion to blame the Jinn for everything. Everything unknown and evil is Jinn related. Chi is Jinn. Reiki is Jinn. Yoga is Jinn. Acupuncture uses Jinn. If you meditate in the forest, then you meditate with the Jinn. This opinion is a silly opinion. Those who hold this opinion are the enemies of Islam yet they assume themselves to be the advocates of Islam.

Think about this point.

An illiterate nomad goes to meditate by himself in a cave at night and suddenly claims that an angel squeezed him and gave him words of God. If you’re one of those who blame the Jinn for everything, there’s a good chance that if you lived in the time of Muhammad (SAW), you would have rejected his (SAW) call and claimed it was a Jinn that squeezed him.

In the same way, if Jesus comes down during your lifetime, you will accuse him of being influenced by the Jinn. Would you say the Jinn messes with Jesus’ mind? When Jesus writes the Injeel, would you say it is a book of Jinn and reject it?

The comical aspect is that those people who are obsessed with the Jinn, don’t even know the Jinn. They’ve never seen the Jinn, or understand the qualities of the Jinn. So if they have no knowledge of the Jinn, how can they be so sure it is the Jinn?

Thos who do Ruqyah with no 6th sense, no knowledge and no authority results in their obsession of the Jinn. They blame everything on the Jinn, Black Magic and Evil Eye because they don’t know what else to blame it on. When they think they blame too much on the Jinn, then they switch to using their over-glorification of science to conclude their assumptions.

They go by trial and error. Not by inspiration from Allah. This is because they have no inspiration from Allah, so they have to use their over-glorification of science to come to a conclusion. Allah blocks them from progress due to their arrogance and assumption that they know best. You can see their block clearly by examining their lack of progress of Ruqyah, so they will still be doing pretty much the same thing (with minor alterations) for years on end. The fact that Ruqyah has not developed for over 1400 years is proof of this block.

The 6th sense is important. For effective Ruqyah, the standard 5 senses are for the primitive and those who are far away from Allah. You can have many senses. But if you don’t have at least a 6th sense, or a sense other than physical sight, physical touch, physical hearing, physical tasting and physical smelling, then you’ll always be limited in your Ruqyah. How can one get involved in the Spiritual world effectively with only his or her Physical senses?

Ruqiyah is about connection to God. Get connected to Him so you receive inspiration from Him. This way, you can practise Ruqiyah effectively.

Perhaps the most useless question in the field of Ruqyah is “Is it Black Magic, Jinn or Evil Eye?” There’s other variants eg. “Can you tell me if it’s Magic, Jinn or Evil Eye?” Then there are those people who claim they have a lot of knowledge who start to do their own personal analysis, “hmmm.. it must be magic because you recited verses about magic and he reacted”, “No, no, it’s not magic. It’s evil eye. There’s a hadith about it. How abundant it is. These people don’t say Masha’Allah.” The list goes on.

Backward indoctrination has led to many Muslims believing that the only types of evil that exist in the world are Black Magic, Jinn and Evil Eye as there’s “no evidence” for other forms of evil existing.

The Earth is 70% water and the Qur’an states everything in the sea is Halal for a Muslim to consume, however we’ve only see a few fish.

Lawful to you is (the pursuit of) water­game and its use for food – for the benefit of yourselves and those who travel, but forbidden is (the pursuit of) land­game as long as you are in a state of Ihram (for Hajj or ‘Umrah). And fear Allah to Whom you shall be gathered back.[Al-Ma’idah: 96]

So when Allah reveals that Black Magic, Jinn and Evil Eye exists, it doesn’t mean they are all that exists in the Evil part of the unseen world.

Furthermore, to think that the creatures outside of Earth or outside of the Milky Way (i.e. those who will quite possibly never ever hear about the Qur’an and the Human Prophets) definitely don’t exist simply because it’s not in the Qur’an and Hadith is simply absurd.

To believe that Muhammad (SAW) was the best at Ruqyah is also a primitive thought. Even to assume that his (SAW) knowledge on the Jinn is accurate is a primitive thought. Muhammad (SAW) wasn’t brought to mankind to heal people or develop the discipline of Ruqyah, so his knowledge on it is limited. So don’t assume there’s only 3 types of Jinn just because that’s what the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, so it must be 100% correct. Firstly, it may be his (SAW) interpretation of his observance at the time; perhaps he understood more in future but never revealed it? Perhaps this is all he understood about the Jinn. Secondly, even Prophets make mistakes since they are human too. Allah reprimands the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Surah ‘Abasa simply because he made the mistake of frowning upon an old man; an honest mistake which probably most of us would have made if in the same situation. Thirdly, there’s always the chance of fabrication of Hadith.

Jesus raised people from the dead. Sulaiman dealt with the Jinn. Even Muhammad’s own Sahabah knew more about Ruqyah than he (SAW) did and he admitted it. So again, to restrict sources of understanding Ruqyah to just Quran and Sunnah produces the backward understanding of “Is it Black Magic, Jinn or Evil Eye?”.

To think that the greatest evil in the world is Iblees, is also a limited understanding of reality. Who is more evil, Iblees or the Dajjal? Is the Dajjal made from smokeless fire? Is the Dajjal a descendent of Iblees? Are the Ya’juj and Ma’juj more evil or less evil than Iblees? Are they also made from smokeless fire?