2. Ruqyah and the Need for Innovation

The need for Innovation (Bid’ah) in Ruqyah is needed more than ever now. It is a field of medicine, part of Allah’s declaration when He says that the Quran came for healing.

The field of Ruqyah is stuck in terms of progress. It has been stuck for centuries. Recent decades has seen several new people in the field of Ruqyah, however the techniques used are decades old and pretty much out-dated for the modern era. The problem is that nowadays it is uncommon to hear alternative understandings of Ruqyah as the amount of money pumped into the distribution of books and lectures emanating from the Arab lands is much more than anyone else can afford. The knowledge locked in SE Asia is more advanced than the Arab lands (although still behind what it should be), however those in SE Asia tend to have no interest in pushing out their knowledge to the rest of the world.

The claim that Bid’ah is not permissible in Ruqyah is a farcical claim.

The idea that Bid’ah is only permissible in the Dunya and not permissible in the Deen is nonsensical. There is a prevalent thought that Ruqyah is part of the Deen and not part of the Dunya. This illogical segregation that has been unquestioned for decades in the field of Ruqyah is what needs to be challenged. Only then, will the truth start to come out.

Here’s a list of the common Bid’ah practices in the field of Ruqyah that has evolved over the past few decades which have no evidence in Quran or Hadith relating to Ruqyah:

  • Face Qiblah during Ruqyah
  • Have Wudhu during Ruqyah
  • Cover Awrah during Ruqyah
  • Women treat women, men treat men, unless absolutely necessary
  • Most of the verses they use have no evidence for the objectives they have
  • All herbs, food items etc have no evidence
  • Reading for 60 minutes as a minimum
  • Not charging for Ruqyah and Charging for Ruqyah
  • Closing the eyes during Ruqyah
  • Placing the hand on the head of the patient
  • Using an amplifier and microphone
  • Not being allowed to whisper
  • Not being allowed to do Ruqyah in a language other than Arabic

Of course, I’m not against some of these innovative practices. In fact I use some of them. Some of them are excellent innovations, a great Bid’ah. But the problem is the hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed leaders of Ruqyah in the contemporary age claiming Bid’ah is not allowed in Ruqyah when it is stark clear that they have committed Bid’ah and even propagate their Bid’ah to the wider society.

Let’s delve deeper into the argument.

So they say Bid’ah in the Dunya is acceptable. So they accept the use of computers, and paper and pens and pencils and technology and smartphones, and they agree it is fine to use cars instead of camels.

But they disagree with Bid’ah in the prayer, as to them, prayer is an issue of the Deen, therefore you can’t add things to your prayer. So in their eyes, the man in the following hadith committed Bid’ah in the Deen and should be punished. Note, the man is not acknowledged as one of the Sahabah, yet he created a Bid’ah in the Deen.

Narrated Rifa’a bin Rafi Az Zuraqi: One day we were praying behind the Prophet. When he raised his head from bowing, he said, “Sami’a-l-lahu Liman hamida.” A man behind him said, “Rabbana walaka-l hamd hamdan Kathiran taiyiban mubarakan fihi” (O our Lord! All the praises are for You, many good and blessed praises). When the Prophet completed the prayer, he asked, “Who has said these words?” The man replied, “I.” The Prophet said, “I saw over thirty angels competing to write it first.” (Bukhari 799)

It is very interesting that those who champion the opinion that Bid’ah cannot occur in the Deen (i.e. would call this man a deviant) are in contrast with the the Prophet (SAW), as he (SAW) approved of this Bid’ah in prayer, and what’s more, the Angels competed to write down the innovation.

Their belief that Ruqyah is from the Deen and conventional medicine is from the Dunya is a hypocritical statement. How can healing be segregated to Deen and Dunya? Doing so is the very reason why conventional medicine progresses and Islamic medicine is stuck in its medieval times.

The reason why they believe Ruqyah is from the Deen is because they don’t comprehend the reality of the unseen, nor do they understand the tools required to comprehend the unseen. As they don’t know the reality of the unseen, then instead of investigating it to understand it, they say it is of the unseen so must also be unknown. And because it remains unknown, it can be restricted only to what the Prophet (SAW) and Allah (SWT) have mentioned in the few Islamic narrations. Therefore there is no progression and they explicitly and intentionally go against what Allah has brought the Quran down for i.e. Healing and Mercy. The hypocrisy is that they go against Allah’s intention of bringing the Quran for healing and instead of following what Allah wants, they prevent what Allah wants with the label of claiming what they are doing is protecting the ‘True Islam’.

Allow me to elaborate further as this is a sticky point.

Mankind knew nothing about healing the physical human body. Therefore through science and investment, they began to increase their knowledge on the human body in order to heal the human body. That’s a great thing. It shows intellect.

Mankind knew nothing about healing the spiritual body. Therefore what needs to be done is to investigate the spiritual body in order to increase the knowledge on the spiritual body in order to heal the spiritual body. That would be a great thing. It would show intellect.

However, what rather happens is that mankind knew nothing about healing the spiritual body. As mankind was restricted to understanding the physical world and made no investment into understanding the spiritual world, then mankind uses physical tools to investigate the spiritual body. Of course, this resulted in nothing as they didn’t bother to develop spiritual tools therefore they concluded there’s no such thing as the spiritual body.

This is the understanding of the secularists i.e. an assumption that there is no way to investigate and study the spiritual body. Due to incompetence, there has been no focus on developing spiritually in order to gain access to the spiritual world. Following on to this, they keep their understanding of the spiritual world to a discussion of ‘Deen’ which therefore according to their beliefs cannot be changed as other non-Deen knowledge progresses. Therefore the science of the unseen world which was known pre-Islam and known about in many other cultures, must remain as it is and knowledge cannot progress. The unseen world (for these Muslims) has therefore been reduced to merely religious and dogmatic understanding.

This is absurd.

Different cultures understand the unseen world in different ways and also understand different parts of the unseen world. However, the fact still remains, that if one was to understand the laws of the spiritual world and how its laws interact with the laws of the physical world, then it is possible for us to intervene in the spiritual world to cause impact in the physical world.

Let’s break this down using the concept of healing. A human body consists of the physical organs as well as the spiritual organs. They are interconnected. For example, the Ruh (a spiritual organ) was inserted into the foetus at around 40 days of conception therefore as the feotus grows, the Ruh grows with it. In a similar fashion, there is the Qalb, the Aql, the Sirr, the Warith and many more spiritual organs that make up the human being. All of these spiritual organs are interlaced with the physical body of the human being.

If one understands the laws of the spiritual world pertaining to the spiritual organs of a human being, then when one heals the spiritual organs of a human being, it will have a positive impact on the physical organs of the human being.

Let’s say there is a way to eradicate ‘dirt’ from the Ruh of a human being, and let’s say (for argument’s sake) that this way is done by physical fire mixed with certain spiritual ingredients. This ‘recipe’ when afflicted on the Ruh of the person, will incinerate the ‘dirt’ and therefore increase the health-status of the Ruh. When the Ruh is better in health, it has a direct impact on the physical organs of the human being since it is directly linked to it. This technique will work on every human being who is alive (i.e. has the Ruh still connected to his or her body). This is nothing to do with Islamic belief. It is merely a study of the reality of the unseen and how it is intertwined with the reality of the seen. Therefore, whichever religion or God you believe in, you cannot dispute this reality and this technique will work for everybody regardless or religion or belief. This understanding is the same as understand that boiling water will harm the human skin, regardless of what religion you are, the water will be too hot for the skin. It is simply an understanding of the reality therefore no fable or religious dogma can distort it.

This overly-simplified example is the science of crossing the spiritual world into the physical world. Different cultures have people who delve into the spiritual world and do spiritual actions in order to make impact in the physical world. Some of these actions are good. Some of them are bad. But the point to understand is that they do certain actions to achieve certain results. For those who are skilled, it is not merely a game of shooting darts with a blindfold. There are techniques in the spiritual world which when developed, allow you to become skilled, just like practicing the piano daily contributes to perfection in the physical world.

The problem with the current ‘leaders’ of Ruqyah is that they assume that everything in the spiritual world comes from the ‘Deen’. Therefore, their limited intellect doesn’t give them room to understand the simplified example made in the previous 2 paragraphs. They have to immediately declare that this type of medicine must only come with evidence from the Deen, however since Muhammad’s (SAW) mission was not to evolve the medicinal purposes of the Quran, then one will never find evidence in Quran or Hadith detailing this objective, simply because he (SAW) didn’t do it as he focused on other things.

For example, the Prophet knew of the benefits of drinking camel urine, but he didn’t develop an alternative medicine for it. This is from the below hadith.

Narrated Anas (r.a): The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. [Bukhari]

The nomads at the time of the Prophet drank the urine of camel for medicinal reasons. Believe it or not, some people still champion drinking camel urine. Therefore, should modern science ever understand the components in the camel urine that bring about cures, those people would still favour drinking camel urine and be adamant that drinking camel urine will obtain the reward of following the Sunnah in contrast to consuming a pill which consists of the same medicinal ingredients bar the taste of urine. They believe this simply because the Prophet, 1400 years ago, said they should drink the urine.

Back to spiritual healing; he (SAW) of course did not forbid delving into the spiritual world, in fact he approved it such as the famous example of one of his companions healing a snake or scorpion bite using the spiritual elements of Al-Fatihah.

Some people are scared that should others delve into the unseen world that those people would engage in things that they have no knowledge on and in their opinion would lead those people in engaging in what they term to be forbidden acts.

Again, this is down to the stupidity and the desire to control the thoughts of the world Muslim world. Muhammad (SAW) acknowledged that other people were better than him at spiritual healing, but he (SAW) did not start listing down rules of what these people can or can’t do. What he did was simple. He enforced 2 rules, the first one is that shirk cannot be committed and the second one is that they should help their brother. This is from the famous hadith

Jabir Bin ‘Abdillah (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (Peace and Blessing upon Him) prohibited ruqa. Then, some people from the tribe of ‘Umr Bin Hazam came to him and said, “We have a ruqyah that we used to use for scorpion and snake stings; but you have now prohibited using ruqa.” And they showed it to him. He (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said:

‘I do not see anything wrong in it. Anyone among you who can benefit his brother should do so.‘ [Muslim]

‘There is nothing wrong with Ruqyah as long as they do not involve shirk.’ [Muslim]

So here, the Prophet only puts 2 restrictions on Ruqyah, but the neo-Raqis of the 21st century have introduced other restrictions making the Halal into Haram as if they have the authority to distort Islam just because they are unhappy with the teachings of Muhammad (SAW).

So in conclusion, Ruqyah needs to be developed using spiritual tools to understand the unseen worlds. To do this, we need to introduce new techniques in the field of Ruqyah. This is not something that scholars can do, as scholars read books and talk about books. Moreover, the contribution of scholars in the field of Ruqyah in the past 1400 years has been non-existent, so to leave this to them will mean no development for the next 1400 years.

Innovation (Bid’ah) in Ruqyah is something that those who are sincere in developing science in the unseen must do. If we leave it to the current scholars, then the science of Ruqyah will be forgotten about within a few decades as contemporary medicine scientists will come stronger in ridiculing the existence of the spiritual world due to their lack of understanding of different worlds. What’s more, those who practise Ruqyah will still not understand how Ruqyah actual works therefore will not be able to offer the Quran as a healing to the world properly, as Allah intended it.